Birthday Cake. Vanilla, Vanilla Confetti, or Chocolate Cake with vanilla buttercream or chocolate ganache frosting.

$65 and up

Floral Rose Cake. Vanilla cake infused with pink moscato and rose. With a strawberry filing, covered in vanilla buttercream. Decorated with a real or fake floral arrangement.

$75 and up

Chocolate Galore Cake. Chocolate Cake with chocolate mousse filling, covered with chocolate ganache frosting. Topped with chocolate decadents. Chocolate bars, donuts, cookies, etc.

$65 and up

Red Velvet Cake. Red Velvet Cake with a cream cheese filling, covered in cream cheese or buttercream frosting. Pecan or Walnuts are optional.

$75 and up

Carrot Cake. Carrot Cake with a cream cheese filling, covered in cream cheese or buttercream frosting. Pecans are optional.

$75 and up

German Chocolate Cake. German Chocolate Cake. Filled with coconut-pecan filling, covered in German chocolate ganache.

$75 and up

Hennessy Cake. Vanilla or chocolate cake infused Hennessy. Covered in Hennessy infused buttercream. Dripped in caramel or chocolate. Topped with mini Hennessy bottles.

$120 and up

Banana Pudding Cake. Yellow cake with pudding/banana filling, covered in whipped cream frosting Topped with vanilla wafers, whipped cream, and bananas.

$65 and up

Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake Cake. Strawberry Cake with whipped buttercream frosting, covered in Strawberry Crunch. This cake has the option of making the middle layer cheesecake. Topped with strawberries, whipped cream and strawberry crunch. Reminds you of a strawberry éclair from the ice cream truck.

$85 and up


6"   $70 and up   8"   $85 and up  10"  $100 and up 


Vanilla Bean .          Mixed Berry. 

Chocolate .              Orange . 

Caramel .                 Lemon . 

Almond .                  Banana . 

White .                     Spice . 

Champagne.           Green Tea.

Red Velvet.              Coconut.  

Strawberry.   Confetti.

Blue Velvet.             Caramelized Chocolate.

Pumpkin.                 Peanut Butter. 


Chocolate Pecan         Cheesecake     Pudding

Chocolate Mousse      Cannoli Cream

Fudge                          Caramel          Cream Cheese

Custard                        Lemon Curd     Strawberries

Berry Compute            Peaches           Mango Curd



Almond           Mocha             Cream cheese

Caramel          Chocolate        Peanut Butter

Vanilla             Whipped         Oreo

Orange           Strawberry      Lemon

Chocolate Ganache