Lyric's Cupcakes philanthropy is to help eradicate youth need, promote the value of education, and make sure I am the person I needed growing up in our communities. Giving back to our communities and various charities is what drives the work of E'Lyric and Lyric's Cupcakes. Lyric's Cupcakes is not only a bakery but a movement. #thecupcakeproject is apart of our philanthropy. I grew up in several urban communities all over the City of Cleveland. I want to open up a community center. Not just a normal one but one that is a business/idea incubator for the young adults to develop life plans as well as business plans. It will also have homework help, tutors, sports, tech classes, the arts and more.

The NOW.

I am working on funding and developing a free lunch program for a few neighborhoods I grew up in. It will be a weekend free-lunch program for ages 0-25 for high poverty communities. The reason why I want to start this is because a lot of the youth go to school and that is all that there able to eat. 53.5% is the Child poverty rate in Cleveland. I am so passionate about making sure these kids have something to eat on the weekends throughout the summer.

I am also teaming up with a women’s shelter to give a cake/cupcake to a family in need to help them celebrate their child’s birthday. My goal is to be able to do this once a month.

All this is possible with the help of YOU. The COMMUNITY. I am taking donations. You can write a check, Donate to #thecupcakeproject paypal, cash gifts, services, space. I am grateful for any and everything to make my dreams of a healthy community come true.